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For years, scheduling a doctor’s appointment over the phone and then meeting in person at their office was the only way to get the treatment and care you needed, but not today with doctor services online through telehealth. Thanks to advances in technology and an overwhelming desire to make healthcare more accessible to all, you can now schedule a virtual doctor appointment and get seen for many of the things that you previously had to visit a healthcare provider in person for.

Unlike scheduling a doctor’s appointment the traditional route, there aren’t nearly as many hoops to jump through when you book a virtual appointment with Doctor’s Beyond. The process is fast, we accept most insurance, and you’re connected to a board-certified doctor whose expertise you can trust. This comfort and convenience you get from a telehealth visit are things everyone could do with a little more of these days, making virtual doctor visits ideal for many people.

If you’re looking for doctor services online, Doctors Beyond is the place to be. With us, you can book a virtual doctor appointment for all your (non-procedure) urgent care, primary care, and some mental health conditions. Regardless of the reason for your appointment, you can rest assured that a caring and experienced medical provider in ER, Urgent Care or Primary Care will be meeting with you to diagnose and prescribe medication if necessary or simply to offer advice. Prescriptions are electronically sent to a local pharmacy of your choosing for added convenience. Care can also be personalized by providers to better suit your needs.

A telehealth visit is not only more convenient but less expensive as well. We realize that seeing the doctor can be a stressful time for many, and It’s all part of our aim to make quality healthcare services available to more people. When you schedule a virtual doctor appointment with us, you’re becoming part of the healthcare revolution. See what we mean and make an appointment with us the next time you need medical assistance!

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