Virtual doctor visit with an ER, Urgent Care or Primary Care doctor at the best price.
Book a same-day telehealth appointment for online urgent care, primary care or mental health. Our doctors are trained to clinically diagnose all medical problems by video and treat with 99% accuracy without the need for test. The same care as an in-person visit without the cost.

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See a U.S Board Certified Doctor or an Advanced Practice Provider. Teledoctor at your fingertips. All for the price of copay or a flat rate. No hidden fees. Book a Same-Day virtual doctor visit or Schedule a telehealth appointment on your time. We do a 30 day refill on current Medications. Most insurance are accepted including medicaid. Telehealth and Online Urgent Care visit made simple. Our doctors are in high demand.

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Our Providers specialize in online doctor visits known as Telehealth, Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care and Mental Health

See their ratings from other users and view the profile of each provider before choosing. Our providers are from all over the United States. Trustworthy and will respect your privacy.

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I had a great experience. More than I have ever had from seeing a provider in person. It was great to get medical care from the comfort of my home. The visit went smoothly and after taking my medications as prescribed, in just a short few days, all my symptoms were resolved. Would like to personally thank Dr. Urhuogo for the quality service he provided and treating me as if I was a family member. The care and service are the highest level possible. I will certainly recommend this service to my family and friends.

Joanna - Georgia

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