How we came about

Over the years healthcare has become increasingly expensive and unaffordable for most people. Our doctors needed a way to reach patients without subjecting them to all the cost they incur before getting into a room with the provider. To accomplish this, we eliminated all the barriers between a patient and the doctor allowing our patients to make a doctor appointment online at their convenience, with or without insurance. With technology as it is today, access to doctors is now possible remotely. Using our direct connection by video, audio, and chat, we removed layers of middle-men and organizations driving the cost between the patient and a provider. Some of these cost are; Facility fee, cost of test where they are not warranted, travel cost to facilities, and most importantly cost of time which is priceless.

Our services allow telehealth doctors & providers to give personalize care to patients from the comfort of their own home and device!

About the founders

This organization is founded by board certified physicians in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care & Primary Care. We created this secure platform for patients to meet with highly trained doctors with the purpose of obtaining and providing medical services and online prescriptions at a fraction of the cost. Make a Doctor Appointment Online with us now to see how Doctors Beyond is revolutionizing healthcare!